ADARx doses first cohort in clinical study

January 21, 2023|HAEi News|

ADARx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces the dosing of the first cohort in a Phase 1 clinical study of ADX-324 for the treatment of HAE. “We are very excited to be advancing our first candidate that utilizes our proprietary PLR™ delivery [...]

News from the UK

January 20, 2023|Europe, United Kingdom|

From HAE UK Well, what a busy few months it has been for HAE UK! As CEO, Angela Metcalfe was delighted to attend the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany, at the [...]

News from Israel

January 20, 2023|Europe, Israel|

Israeli HAE patients have gained access to Orladeyo, so with Ruconest, Berinert, and Firazyr already on the market, there are now four modern HAE medications in the country. >> See more about HAE in Israel [...]

News from Turkey

January 20, 2023|Turkey|

From President Gökben Yurdakul, HAE Turkey In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, HAE Turkey took action to provide support for patients and their families. We held information meetings with doctors in [...]

News from Canada

January 20, 2023|Canada, North America|

From HAE Canada As the season ends, we must start with the most impactful event from fall 2022: the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. We’d like to deeply thank the HAEi [...]

News from Ireland

January 20, 2023|Europe, Ireland|

Any people with HAE in Ireland who are interested in participating in a clinical trial or receiving news on new treatments, please get in touch with HAEi Regional Patient Advocate Maria Ferron at gro.ieah@norref.m.  [...]

News from Spain

January 20, 2023|Europe, Spain|

From HAE Spain (AEDAF) HAE Spain (AEDAF) Camino Walk 2023: AEDAF is pleased to announce that it will be organizing another hae day :-) event on the Camino de Santiago: the HAE Spain (AEDAF) [...]

News from USA

January 20, 2023|North America, United States of America|

From US HAEA 2022 HAEA Year in Review: Throughout 2022, the HAEA has continued to provide our 8,000 members with programs, services, and activities that engage and unite our community, and help people maintain [...]

News from North Macedonia

January 20, 2023|Europe, North Macedonia|

On 4 November 2022, HAE Macedonia organized a meeting for North Macedonian patients in Skopje. The meeting was attended by 18 patients and caregivers and allowed patients to see each other for the first [...]

News from Colombia

January 20, 2023|Colombia, South America|

“Mi vida con AEH” (“My life with HAE”) is a new podcast from HAE Colombia which seeks to create awareness through the stories and experiences of the members. The aim is to motivate, help [...]

News from Singapore

January 20, 2023|East & Southeast Asia, Singapore|

From HAE Singapore: The first patient meeting has taken place in Singapore. Patients have connected and there are plans in place to advocate as a group and get things moving here. [...]

News from Russia

January 20, 2023|Central Asia, Europe, Russia, Russia|

From President Elena Bezbozhnaya, HAE Russia Over the past six months, HAE Russia has hosted various highlights, face-to-face meetings, and online webinars, with adults and children involved from all over the country.  Over the [...]

News from Switzerland

January 20, 2023|Europe, Switzerland|

From Vice President Ernst Greber, HAE Switzerland Impressions from the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany: We were represented by three board members The event was excellently organized The lectures were very [...]

News from Japan

January 20, 2023|East & Southeast Asia, Japan|

From President Beverley Yamamoto, HAE Japan We have seen great improvement in the treatment environment in Japan over the last two years, and in September the third long term prophylactic treatment was approved by [...]

hae day :-) 2023 is around the corner

January 4, 2023|HAEi News|

If it isn’t in your diary already, mark 16 May 2023 for hae day :-) This is our annual celebration of the HAE community and our focus on awareness-raising efforts. We are already thinking [...]

Acare Network Grows to 75 Centers

January 4, 2023|HAEi News|

The global network of Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence (ACARE) – a joint venture between the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network GA2LEN and HAEi – continues to grow! “We now have 75 [...]

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