Digital Health Innovation Challenge in Canada

January 14, 2022|HAEi News|

Takeda Canada Inc. launches the Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge, an initiative that aims to discover new and breakthrough digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that support enhanced patient care. Takeda Canada is looking for innovative solutions [...]

News from USA

January 13, 2022|North America, United States of America|

From Digital & Social Media Manager Ianice Viel, US HAEA 2021 has continued to be an incredibly productive year for the US HAEA despite the ongoing pandemic-related challenges. As shown in the examples that [...]

News from Japan

January 13, 2022|East & Southeast Asia, Japan|

From President Beverley Yamamoto, HAE Japan The non-profit organization Discovery Consortium has been established in Japan to try and lift the diagnosis rate for HAE up to the kind of levels seen in North [...]

News from Croatia

January 13, 2022|Croatia, Europe|

From Mihaela Šogorić, President of HAE Croatia HAE Croatia organized a gathering during the weekend 2-3 October 2021 in Tuheljske Toplice. It was the first such encounter in Croatia. The gathering began with the [...]

News from Brazil

January 13, 2022|Brazil, South America|

Short but sweet from HAE Brazil (ABRANGHE) Subcutaneous Berinert has been approved in Brazil for prophylactic treatment. It has been available for medical prescription to patients since 1 November 2021. >> Read more about [...]

News from the UK

January 13, 2022|Europe, United Kingdom|

From Executive Officer Rachel Annals, HAE UK HAE UK have been working on and supporting a number of projects over the past few months: Our recently launched nurses’ program, developed in conjunction with our [...]

News from Turkey

January 13, 2022|Cuba|

From President Gökben Yurdakul, HAE Turkey We are so happy to be here and share our accomplishments with you. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have held a number of online meetings with our patients and [...]

News from South Africa

January 13, 2022|Africa, South Africa|

From HAE South Africa HAE South Africa have received our approval as a non-profit company which means we are now able to actively raise funds for our organization. We have recruited two new members [...]

News from Canada

January 13, 2022|Canada, North America|

From President Jacquie Badiou and COO Daphne Dumbrille, HAE Canada This fall HAE Canada hit the ground running. Our first task of the season was to present our poster titled, “Hereditary angioedema in Canada: [...]

News from Spain

January 13, 2022|Europe, Spain|

From President Sarah Smith, HAE Spain (AEDAF) 23rd AEDAF General Assembly: Because of our decision to avoid in-person events during all of 2021 and in keeping with the Association’s Statutes, AEDAF held its 23rd [...]

News from Russia

January 13, 2022|Central Asia, Europe, Russia, Russia|

From HAE Russia We bring good news for juvenile HAE patients and their parents as children with HAE will soon begin receiving advanced pathogenetic medications from the Circle of Good Foundation. The Circle of [...]

News from Denmark, Norway and Sweden

January 13, 2022|Denmark, Europe, Norway, Sweden|

HAE Scandinavia has appointed the Board for the next two years: Chairman Henrik Balle Boysen (Denmark), Vice Chairman Jørn Schultz-Boysen (Denmark), Treasurer Karina Langsager (Denmark), Secretary Erik Hovgaard Hansen (Denmark), Karen Jespersen-Hansen [...]

Orladeyo see strong patient demand

January 10, 2022|HAEi News|

“Following 12 months of a successful launch through a global pandemic, we have a clear picture of the continued commercial trajectory for Orladeyo based on a very attractive product profile, leading to strong patient demand [...]

News from Central Eastern Europe, Benelux and Middle East

December 30, 2021|Belarus, Central Asia, Egypt, Europe, Georgia, HAEi News, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kasakhstan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Middle East, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates|

From Regional Patient Advocate Michal Rutkowski Despite the difficult global pandemic situation, I hope you are keeping safe, healthy and have been already vaccinated. Firstly, happy birthday to HAE Belarus and HAE Kazakhstan, who [...]

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