Updates from the HAEi Youngsters’ Community

July 9, 2020|HAEi News|

It has been almost two and a half years since the idea of the HAEi Youngsters Community was officially launched at the 2018 HAE Global Conference in Vienna, Austria. However, young HAE patients have been [...]

True Partnership can Bring the Best to Patient Care

July 9, 2020|HAEi News|

Late 2019, HAE International and the non-profit organization of leading clinical and research facilities in the field of allergy and asthma GA2LEN established GA2LEN/HAEi Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence – or in short ACARE. [...]

Great HAE Global Walk Despite Pandemic

July 9, 2020|HAEi News|

  As HAE friends around the globe will know the annual hae day :-) aims to raise awareness worldwide – and as part of the efforts to raise awareness HAE International organizes the HAE Global [...]

Emergency Card now in 34 languages

July 9, 2020|HAEi News|

No matter if your preferred language is Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Latvian or Spanish there is an Emergency Card from HAE International for you. “As a matter of fact, we are presently at 34 languages and [...]

News from Panama

July 8, 2020|Central America and Caribbean, Panama|

Due to the restrictions that have been implemented in several countries, not many countries held events related to hae day :-) 2020. In Panama the group of patients managed two religious services that were [...]

News from Japan

July 8, 2020|East & Southeast Asia, Japan|

From President Beverley Yamamoto, HAE Japan As in previous years, on 22 February 2020 we hosted the Rare Disease Day event for Kobe City. Many other Rare Disease Day events had been cancelled due [...]

News from Spain

July 8, 2020|Europe, Spain|

From President Sarah Smith, AEDAF Awareness day: After having to cancel its 22nd General Assembly and Annual Meeting, which was due to take place in April, and with very strict confinement measures in Spain [...]

News from Russia

July 8, 2020|Europe, Russia|

From Chairman Elena Bezbozhnaya, HAE Russia Under quarantine, providing support for patients with HAE takes on special significance. HAE Russia launched a new online project for children and held several remote meetings for members [...]

News from Colombia

July 8, 2020|Colombia, South America|

In commemoration of hae day :-) 2020, HAE Colombia organized the first Instagram Live, in which the leader the organization, Jessika Torres spoke with the expert Dr. Margarita Olivares about HAE. Also, in the [...]

News from China

July 8, 2020|China, East & Southeast Asia|

On 16 May 2020, HAE China in collaboration with the Chinese Organization for Rare Disease (CORD), with the support of Takeda China, held an online live event with the theme “Change edema to zero, [...]

News from UK

July 8, 2020|Europe, United Kingdom|

From Chief Executive Officer, Laura Szutowicz, HAE UK It seems no time at all since I wrote the last News from the UK, in early March 2020. It was full of the “I am [...]

News from Canada

July 8, 2020|Canada, North America|

From COO Daphne Dumbrille, HAE Canada Organizations across the globe have adjusted and regrouped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and HAE Canada is no exception. It is hard to believe we are in the [...]

News from Belarus

July 8, 2020|Belarus, Europe|

For hae day :-) 2020 the National Library of Belarus in Minsk was illuminated with the awareness day logo. The library is the main information and cultural center of the country as its depository [...]

News from USA

July 8, 2020|North America, United States of America|

From Ianice Viel, Patient Advocate/Social Media Manager, US HAEA COVID-19 webinars and Webinar Briefs: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US HAEA has been offering a series of webinars presenting information on the [...]

News from Switzerland

July 8, 2020|Europe, Switzerland|

From Vice President Nicole Hodler, HAE Schweiz Unfortunately, also we at the Swiss HAE organization had to cancel our June meeting due to coronavirus COVID-19. We are still evaluating the possibility of proceeding with [...]

News from Peru

July 8, 2020|Peru, South America|

There is a new member organization in Peru: The name is Asociación de Pacientes con Angioedema Hereditario del Perú, the President is Carla María Goachet Boulanger, and you can find her contact information at [...]

News from South Korea

July 8, 2020|East & Southeast Asia, South Korea|

For hae day :-) 2020, the South Korean HAE organization held its regular meeting as well as a celebration of the awareness day. The event took place at the Songseok Welfare Foundation in Seoul [...]

News from Brazil

July 8, 2020|Brazil, South America|

2 March 2020 Fernanda de Oliveira Martins and Raquel de Oliveira Martins attended an event organized by Takeda called “A Blueprint for Success Brazil Summit”. There days later Raquel took part in the event “V [...]

News from Croatia

July 8, 2020|Croatia, Europe|

From President Mihaela Šogoric and Željka Kardum, HAE Croatia Upon the initiative of a group of patients in Croatia, the founding assembly of patients with HAE was held in the DVD home in Semeljci on [...]

Time for Spring Cleaning of the Membership Register

July 3, 2020|HAEi News|

Many member organizations will undoubtedly be able to recognize the challenge of maintaining a membership system. It applies whether it is based on a spreadsheet or some kind of technological solution. “For many, there [...]

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