Apps developed by HAEi

NEW APP in 2021: HAE TrackR

HAE International will very soon launch a new app, HAE TrackR – made by patients, for patients.

HAE TrackR:

  • is an easy way to track attacks, treatments, and condition
  • provides both patients and physicians with a better decision foundation for planning the management of the individual’s HAE
  • protects the privacy and data of the user – the data gathered by the app is the sole property of the user and is only shared if the user decides to
  • is pharma company and product neutral
  • will be available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play and can be accessed from its own website on a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • will be available in as many languages as possible over time

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HAE Companion

In 2020 HAE International launched it’s first app, HAE Companion, with some important features useful to people with HAE.

HAE Companion:

  • provides an easy way to access and store the popular HAE International emergency card in the many languages of our member countries
  • offers so-called geofencing – the app can send push messages to the user when he or she is on the move
  • provides a list of ACARE Centers as well as HAE knowledgeable hospitals and physicians and using GoogleMaps or Apple Map, HAE Companion also indicates directions and distance to the nearest place