21 March 2024

KalVista Pharmaceuticals Presents Real-World Data on Burden of Treatment and HAE Attack Journey at the 2024 HAEi Regional Conference Americas

KalVista Pharmaceuticals announced that it presented multiple analyses of the relationship between the time to attack treatment and the effects delays in treatment have on clinical outcomes of people living with hereditary angioedema (HAE) at the 2024 HAEi Regional Conference Americas that took place in Panama City, Panama.

The following presentations occurred at the 2024 HAEi Regional Conference Americas:

Relationship Between Time to On-demand Treatment and Quality of Life During Hereditary Angioedema Attacks: Sandra Christiansen, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, United States (Oral Presentation)

  • Treatment delays are associated with lower QoL and poorer general health during HAE attack, emphasizing the benefits of compliance with HAE guidelines and greater awareness of the impact of delayed treatment on QoL

Characterizing the Negative Impact of Delayed On-Demand Treatment of HAE Attacks: Ricardo Zwiener, Servicio de Alergia e Inmunología Clínica, Hospital Universitario Austral, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Poster Presentation)

  • The time to feeling in control of an HAE attack and time to feeling fully recovered were shorter for patients treating HAE attacks in <1 hour versus those who waited ≥1 hour

Anxiety Associated with Refilling On-demand Therapy for HAE Attacks Contributes to Treatment Delay and Non-Treatment: Anete S. Grumach, Clinical Immunology, Faculdade de Medicina, Centro Universitario FMABC, Santo Andre, Brazil (Poster Presentation)

  • Anxiety associated with not being able to refill on-demand treatment impacted treatment decisions, which contributed to treatment delay or resulted in non-treatment of HAE attacks

Treatment Patterns of Patients Requiring Redosing of an On-demand Treatment After the Return of an HAE Attack: William Lumry, Allergy and Asthma Research Associates, Dallas, Texas, United States. (Poster Presentation)

  • HAE attacks initially treated within 1 hour returned less frequently compared with attacks treated at 1 hour or longer

Anxiety Associated with On-Demand Treatment for Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Attacks: Maeve O’Connor, Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Relief of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, United States (Poster Presentation)

  • Both adults and adolescents with HAE reported moderate to extreme anxiety when anticipating use of parenteral on-demand treatment, irrespective of use of on-demand only or on-demand plus LTP

Characteristics of Hereditary Angioedema Attacks Among Long-Term Prophylaxis Users: Maeve O’Connor, Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Relief of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, United States (Poster Presentation)

  • Among HAE patients who had treated a recent attack, the location and duration of the most recent attacks were similar between long-term prophylaxis (LTP) and on-demand only users

(Source: KalVista)