Announcing the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop

In light of worldwide actions to ease pandemic restrictions and allow face-to-face gatherings, HAEi is delighted to announce our upcoming 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop, which will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 6-9 October 2022.

Please observe that this global leadership workshop is different from past HAE Global Conferences and is designed to bring on board members and leadership of our Member Organizations. The steady growth in our global community has made it impossible to get the community as a whole into one venue, and we are planning regional conferences that will accommodate members of your organizations that are not part of the leadership structure.

The 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop theme is “Together Again”, and we expect to welcome around 600-650 HAEi friends, including Patient Advocacy Leaders, HAE Physicians/Scientists, HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group, and industry sponsors. The workshop will follow the general format of past global conferences and will offer a track for the scientific community. In addition, pharmaceutical sponsors will have exhibition space dedicated to providing HAE-related information.

We will provide travel grants for the leaders of our Member Organizations (leadership can apply via email: gro.ieah@ecnerefnoc). Travel grants will be allocated through the population-based formula used for the four previous HAEi global meetings. 

As for the HAEi Regional Conferences where Member Organizations can bring patients and caregivers from their respective countries to a conference, our plan is this:

  • 2023 HAEi Regional Conference APAC (Asia Pacific)
  • 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) 
  • 2024 HAEi Regional Conference Americas (North and South America)

We look forward to finally getting together again in October.