Pharvaris announces the company-wide support of hae day :-) 2022. Pharvaris has supported the HAE community by partaking in the hae day :-) Activities Challenge for the 30 days leading up to awareness day. Pharvaris colleagues from across the globe participated in both individual and team activities to promote overall wellbeing and submitted more than 2,000,000 steps to help raise awareness of HAE.

hae day :-) and the Activities Challenge contribute to HAEi’s objective to unify individuals across the globe raising awareness of continuing medical need and innovative solutions to improve the lives of people with HAE. Our participation in these initiatives reflects our mission to improve outcomes for individuals living with HAE,” says Berndt Modig, CEO of Pharvaris. “We are proud advocates of the HAE community and recognize the opportunity we have to influence the lives of those affected by HAE. At Pharvaris, we are focused on advancing our clinical pipeline of oral bradykinin B2-receptor antagonists to bring novel oral therapies to people living with HAE.”
(Source: Pharvaris)