Phew, it has been a whirlwind of activity in the Youngsters’ Community.

We’ve just waved goodbye to our friends with the conclusion of the 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA. With 60 young people with HAE and caregivers jetting in from 39 countries, it was a great event. You can read all about the fun we had and what we learned in the conference round-up in this edition of Global Perspectives.

But it hasn’t only been about the conference. There’s been loads happening to strengthen our community. Our latest project is postcards. When your life demands an extra dose of encouragement, these little reminders are the HAEi Youngsters’ Community offering a friendly voice saying, “You’ve got this!”

Introducing the community postcards: Be the HAE Hero

With the HAEi Youngsters’ Advisory Group, we’ve crafted six postcards designed to resonate with the global Youngsters’ Community. Each postcard carries a message, and we are thrilled to share them with you and get you involved.

In a world brimming with heroes, we’ve come to understand that heroism knows no bounds. It surpasses age and size, and it’s the extraordinary superpower within us that sets us apart. With a lot of enthusiasm, we present the community hero postcards, each designed with the heartfelt intention that they will instill our members with newfound strength and determination.

You can choose your superpower – the power to uplift, inspire, and connect. Your words have the potential to transform lives. So, grab a postcard from our youngsters’ webpage, download it, and write your personal message. Your words are an unlimited canvas, but you might:

  • Write a message to your younger self, a chance to share wisdom from your journey
  • Pen a message to your former undiagnosed self, offering comfort and hope
  • Craft words of encouragement for a younger sibling, fostering their dreams
  • Share inspirational quotes and motivational messages, serving as a light of positivity

Alternatively, you can spread joy and inspire your friends in the HAE community by emailing your message to gro.ieah@sretsgnuoy. We promise to transform these heartfelt messages into digital masterpieces and showcase them on the youngsters’ webpage. Together, we can brighten every day with the power of words.

Whatever you do, join us in celebrating the beauty of HAE heroism, connection, and inspiration. Let your words be the force that brings a smile!

By Nevena Tsutsumanova, Manager, Youngsters’ Community and Special Projects