The HAEi Magazine ‘Global Perspectives’ out now

It is July – and it is time for the second 2018 issue of the HAEi magazine ’Global Perspectives’.

This time the magazine is truly covering the world as we focus on the record-breaking 2018 HAE Global Conference that took place in Vienna, Austria 17-20 May.

Indeed, the fourth HAE global Conference set new records in more than one way: The largest number of participants (736 from 57 countries), the largest scientific track as well as the most keynote speakers. Naturally, this calls for extensive coverage in ‘Global Perspectives’ so in this magazine you will find highlights from the conference as well as a number of articles based on some of the presentations given in Vienna.

Among other things the magazine also contains articles on the HAEi Jakobsweg Walk, the HAE Global Walk, news from HAE organizations around the globe, clinical trials, and a report on the efforts to create a unified voice for HAE patients in South Korea.

You can download your copy of the magazine here – and please feel free to share ‘Global Perspectives’ with anyone you think would find it useful.

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