By Isabel Brunkan, HAEi Youngsters’ Advisory Group Member

Packing for any trip requires thought, but as someone traveling with a rare disease, there are always a few extra steps that go into the process. These are the main things I’ve found can help make traveling with a rare disease more manageable.

And an extra tip:

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the HAE Companion app.

HAE Companion will provide you with an easy way to access and store HAEi’s Emergency Card in many of the languages of the HAEi member countries.

It also offers geofencing: the app will send you push messages when you are on the move in a new country.

And last but not least, it provides you with a list of ACARE Centers and HAE-knowledgeable hospitals and physicians, and using GoogleMaps or Apple Maps, HAE Companion also indicates directions and distance to the nearest place.

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