Two decades with AEDAF in Spain

Asociación Española de Angioedema Familiar por Deficiencia del Inhibidor de C1 – or in short AEDAF – held its 20th Annual Meeting and General Assembly in Madrid Saturday 10 March 2018. Dr. Teresa Caballero Molina opened the meeting, taking place at Hospital Universitario La Paz. After the 2017 Activities Report presented by the AEDAF President Sarah Smith Foltz, the 2017 Financial Report was submitted and approved. Then followed the election process for secretary of AEDAF with Maria Ferron being elected.

One of the international guests at the meeting was HAEi Project Manager Ole Frølich who gave an insight into HAEi Connect, a free online membership database for HAEi’s member organizations. Ole Frølich characterized HAEi Connect as a valuable tool for HAEi member organizations to build, maintain and grow their member database as well as handle and communicate with members. After the presentation in English and Spanish, the General Assembly decided to adopt HAEi Connect with implementation as soon as possible.

Following a coffee break, the Annual Meeting opened with a tribute to the professional career of Dr. Margarita López Trascasa. Then Dr. Caballero Molina spoke about international collaboration, and Dr. Alberto Lopez Lera gave an insight into HAE research projects, while Dr. M. Concepción Lopez Serrano talked about the history of collaboration and founding of AEDAF. Finally, Dr. Margarita López Trascasa gave a presentation under the headline “A career dedicated to Hereditary Angioedema”.

Sarah Smith Foltz presented two suggestions for a new AEDAF logo, and the General Assembly decided on the one described as “the molecular logo”.

Lunch was followed by an overview of the current situation of HAE in Spain and a debate on topics raised by the participants. Furthermore, HAEi President Anthony J. Castaldo congratulated AEDAF on the first 20 years of existence.

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