Takeda Canada Inc. launches the Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge, an initiative that aims to discover new and breakthrough digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that support enhanced patient care. Takeda Canada is looking for innovative solutions within the fields of early diagnosis or integrated and personalized care, applicable to the therapeutic areas of inflammatory bowel disease or rare genetic diseases such as HAE.

The selected winner(s) of the challenge will be eligible to receive a direct response about collaboration at the end of the Challenge, the opportunity to benefit from Takeda’s internal expertise and international network of partners and suppliers, and funding from Takeda to build a proof-of-concept project with a relevant Takeda team.

“We are incredibly excited about this initiative that directly supports two of our commitments, improving patient care and investing in homegrown innovation and talent,” says Rute Fernandes, General Manager, Takeda Canada. “Canada is an innovation hub of excellence and has exceptional talent and expertise, recognized globally. We know we can accomplish more by partnering with experts. Our objective with this campaign is to open doors for new innovation with entrepreneurial minds who may not have the resources to move their ideation into practice.”

“Healthcare innovation is a critical component to enhancing and improving patient outcomes across our incredible health system,” says Dr. Jefferson Tea, Vice President, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Takeda Canada. “This initiative allows us to literally look outside the box and identify new ideas and make the next big innovation in patient care a near-future reality.”
(Source: Takeda)