New App from HAEi will be Your Loyal Companion

HAEi has developed HAE Companion an exciting new App that provides an easy way to access and store the popular HAE International emergency card that is currently a paper document. This App will become available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play for the Android platform.

“One of the key elements for the new App is the excellent emergency card project that our Regional Patient Advocates have undertaken over the last couple of years. People may, however, find it cumbersome having to complete, download, and print the emergency cards – and that is why we introduce the HAE International App “HAE Companion”. The App will feature our full range of emergency cards and will allow smartphone users to download emergency cards to their device”, says Henrik Balle Boysen, HAE International Executive Vice President & COO.

On Apple’s platform, the emergency cards will be stored in Apple Wallet, and on the Android platform, the cards will be stored in the App PassBook with similar functionality.

“The new App allows the user to store as many emergency cards as needed. When planning a trip, the user can download relevant languages for the locations he or she is going to visit. The emergency cards are very easily added to Apple Wallet and PassBook – and can be removed just as easily”, says Henrik Balle Boysen.

Should the user accept that HAE Companion knows the user’s location, the App also offers so-called geofencing. This means that the App can send push messages to the user when he or she is on the move – for instance, “We can see that you are near an Italian speaking country. Do you want to download the HAE Emergency Card in Italian?”

The HAE Companion App also links to the HAE International database with contact information on ACARE Centers as well as HAE knowledgeable hospitals and physicians. Therefore, the user can always ask the App to show the nearest HAE knowledgeable center, hospital or physician. Using GoogleMaps or Apple Map, the App also indicates directions and distance to the nearest place.

“Initially, the HAE Companion App will focus on the mentioned main features, but we expect to add new functionality to the App moving forward”, says Henrik Balle Boysen.

HAE Companion is presently awaiting final approval from Apple and Google. Provided this goes smoothly the App should be available around 1 November 2020.

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