HAEi’s popular, free, online, cloud-based virtual training platform has been expanded to include a range of new educational modules on advocacy, disease related information, and HAEi resources.

HAEi has also added an area exclusively for member organizations that offers training on how to start and build an HAE organization, and best use HAEi’s tools and resources. HAEi Advocacy Academy can be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world.

“The HAEi Advocacy Academy is the premier online learning platform for the HAE Community”, says Fiona Wardman, HAEi Chief Regional Patient Advocate. “It is designed to support people living with HAE in their everyday life as well as help HAEi member organizations to sharpen their advocacy skills. After listening to our member organizations, we have introduced the Member Organization Exclusive Access area that offers skills courses, tutorials, downloadable templates, and case studies concentrating on topics member organizations have asked us to address. We will continue responding to the needs of the global HAE community by adding courses to both the exclusive and open-access areas.”  

Kate Foenander, Administration Assistant for HAE Australasia, is a recent recruit to the organization and is responsible for maintaining the membership database in HAEi Connect. Kate visited the Member Organization Exclusive Access area in HAEi Advocacy Academy for training on how to use HAEi Connect:

“As a first-time user of HAEi Advocacy Academy, signing up via the specific link and Exclusive Access code was straightforward. The HAEi Connect course was great. The instructions were easy to follow, the diagrams and tips were useful in each tutorial, and it was simple to navigate between the different topics. I found answers to lots of my questions without having to bug colleagues at HAE Australasia, and I can always go back and check the tutorials if I need to. I now feel confident navigating HAEi Connect and using the different functions.” 

Member organizations can start using the HAEi Advocacy Academy Exclusive Access courses by contacting their Regional Patient Advocate and requesting the access code and specific sign-in link. Leadership of the member organization can use these details to create a profile and gain access to all courses.

Anyone else can register today at academy.haei.org to take the open-access courses. 

Kate has also taken the open access courses in the HAE Youngsters Toolkit. She adds: “I’ve had a great experience all round using HAEi Advocacy Academy. The courses are a fantastic source of information and reference. They’re easy to follow and a great tool for organizations, patients and carers.” 

Anthony J. Castaldo, HAEi President and CEO, says: “Effective patient advocacy is at the heart of delivering positive change for people with HAE. We are excited to see HAEi Advocacy Academy grow and become a practical resource to support our HAE family and especially our member organizations. Whether you are an established organization or just starting out, HAEi Advocacy Academy will be able to help you.”

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