From Director Fiona Wardman, HAE Australasia

The first significant project for HAE Australasia has closed off this year is the HAE pharmaco and socioeconomic/quality of life survey. We look forward to receiving the data results, which will be used to advocate our ministries of health and pharmaceutical funding bodies about the importance of HAE patients’ access to prophylactic therapies and the cost savings versus burden when the treatments are available.

HAE Australasia is about to embark on a Wellness Pilot Program across New Zealand and Australia for HAE patients. We look forward to recruiting patients and watching how the program will benefit patients by assisting them in managing their stress levels which may lead to lower attack numbers.

What a turnout we had from Australia and New Zealand at the 2023 HAEi Regional Conference APAC in Bangkok, Thailand. It was great to have 30 Australians and 10 New Zealanders come to Bangkok to learn more about HAE, network, and make new HAE friends from 13 other countries in the region. Thank you to everyone who took part and participated :)