From HAE Pakistan

HAE Pakistan has been busy in the country to educate and create awareness of HAE.

Mr. Shakeel Afridi has arranged productive awareness sessions in medical colleges and institutes. The first session on 28 September was with collaborators at the Rehman Medical College in Peshawar. We had lots of participants who showed great interest and enthusiasm.

The head of the Institute, teachers, and students participated in the session, learning about symptoms, treatments, early diagnosis, and management of HAE. Shakeel Afridi and Rahzeeb Khan spoke to the participants about how HAE International and HAE Pakistan are working together to save the lives of people suffering from this rare disease.

The second awareness session was at the Swabi Institute of Medical Sciences, Swabi. Shakeel held a successful awareness session on 24 October. Comprising mainly medical students and house officers from various hospitals, the dedicated members prioritized this occasion, temporarily stepping away from their academic and hospital responsibilities.

The next session was 285 km from Islamabad at Malakand College of Health Sciences, a Higher Education Pakistan-registered institute in Matta, Swat. Sir Sami Ullah Khan delivered a lecture on hereditary angioedema using simple and accessible language. Shakeel then shared his journey with HAE, followed by an engaging question-and-answer session. This session was attended by around 350 medical students, six PhD doctors, and faculty members.

The next awareness session held was at Jamrud Hospital Khyber, where staff discussed crucial matters about our organizational trajectory and affiliations with the community, government, and international collaborators.

HAE Pakistan appreciates the medical students who have volunteered to help raise awareness of HAE in Pakistan.

During all the awareness sessions, patient advocate Shakeel elaborated on the efforts and mission of HAE Pakistan. He talked about how rare and dangerous this disease is, and due to the lack of proper diagnostic facilities and information, many patients die without getting the appropriate medication. He said that while this disease has no cure, modern treatment methods can improve the quality of life.

HAE Pakistan is committed to advocating for all necessary treatments for patients.

HAE Pakistan would like to extend our appreciation for the sincere support and efforts of our HAEi Regional Patient Advocate, Madam Fiona Wardman, and Head of HAE Pakistan, Mr. Moazzam Farooq. Both have provided information about HAE in detail, passed on important information about the symptoms and life-threatening risks associated with HAE, and emphasized the importance of arranging accurate diagnoses and proper treatment in Pakistan.

HAE Pakistan would like to connect with as many HAE patients and family members living in Pakistan as possible. Please get in touch with us >> find contact information on the country page