Across 1-3 September 2023, the 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA motivated an audience of around 650 HAE patients, caregivers, physicians/scientists, and industry representatives from 61 countries to Take Action in the knowledge that everyone can make a difference.

“The HAEi team is dedicated to caring for everyone in the global HAE community, and we wake with a heartfelt motivation to provide our Member Organizations with the tools and assistance they need to gain access and reimbursement for life-saving and life-giving HAE medicines. Hosting an event like the 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA with the theme Take Action encapsulates the can-do attitude of the whole HAE community, something that HAEi, as fellow patients and caregivers, understands only too well,” said HAEi’s president, Henrik Balle Boysen, in his welcome at the conference.

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96 %

96 % rated the conference as either excellent/extremely useful or good/useful

97 %

97 % said the conference provided them with new information/skills to use in the future

96 %

96 % would attend a future regional conference in EMEA

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97 % would recommend attending the regional conferences to others

The 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA in numbers

  • Around 650 participants representing 61 countries
  • 75% of participants were people with HAE and caregivers/family members, with around 50% being active in their Member Organization
  • 70% want to be more involved in HAE advocacy or want to be more involved in their Member Organization. 65% said yes to both!

“Well done and thank you, it has been an amazing experience, I learned a lot, made new friends and am inspired to help others with HAE and those that do not know they have HAE.”

Patient/Caregiver Track participant

“I had some really fantastic opportunities to connect with other patient leaders, patients, and pharma companies.”

Patient/Caregiver Track participant

“This opportunity will help me improve my knowledge.”

Scientific Track participant

“Great space to gather together patients, caregivers, physicians and industry and share best practices and updates.”

Industry Representative