HAEi Connect – online membership database free for all member organizations

HAEi is proud to present a new initiative for the member organizations: HAEi Connect – a cloud-based member database for national organizations to manage their members.

“In our close collaboration with the national member organizations, we have learned that management of members is handled in many different ways – ranging from simple Word files and small local databases to Excel spreadsheets and more complex systems. In order to make management of the member database a lot easier for the national organizations under the HAEi umbrella we now offer a cloud-based platform for member management”, says HAEi Executive Director Henrik Balle Boysen.

HAEi Connect – a user-friendly interface with instant member e-mail communication – is a platform created and maintained by HAEi. Project Manager Ole Frølich explains:

“HAEi Connect will secure a uniform and secure member management worldwide. In addition to this, we will further develop the system based on ideas and requests from the member organizations”.

Among the key features of HAEi Connect are:

  • Secure management of member information
  • EU GDPR compliant system
  • User-friendly interface
  • The interface in the language(s) of the national member organization
  • Dashboard with member data status
  • Access to news from HAEi, download area and webinars
  • Advanced function to search groups/segments of the members based on for instance age, gender, HAE type, member type, and type of treatment
  • Send instant e-mails to members – single or searched segments
  • Send profile update e-mail reminders to members – single or segments
  • Customize e-mails and pro le page identity with the national member organization name and logo
  • Customize welcome e-mail and pro le reminder e-mail
  • Fields in the directory can be suited to national needs

”We have a very strong focus on securing the data of the members when entered into HAEi Connect as we want both the national organizations and every single member to feel safe using the tool. Many precautions have been made to secure the data as well as the server. Just to mention a few: All data traffic is handled in encrypted SSL protocol, the domain www.haei- connect.org is privately registered, and admin access is a two-factor login with username, password and text code. Furthermore, HAEi Connect is EU GDPR compliant with staff training, consent, privacy and all needed documents for non-disclosure agreement and code of conduct”, says Ole Frølich.

Currently, HAEi Connect is used by HAE Scandinavia, HAE Kenya, HAE Australasia, HAE Mexico, and HAE Spain (AEDAF), while HAE Poland, HAE Chile, and HAE Argentina have applied.

Please visit www.haei.org/connect if you want to know more about how to have your national member organization move its database to HAEi Connect.

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