From Chen Jyun-Ting and Lim Yong Hao

One of the biggest highlights in Taiwan in 2023 is the boost in the number of HAE-knowledgeable doctors and healthcare professionals. This happened because of training workshops organized and conducted by Dr. Shyur and colleagues, with the support of CSL Behring.

The workshops were conducted between May and September this year in four major cities, Taipei, Taichung, Yilan, and Kaohsiung, covering the north, central, east, and south regions of Taiwan, respectively. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics on HAE, including the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis & differential diagnoses, prognosis, latest management guidelines, including those of special populations like children and pregnant women, as well as practical training in the administration of subcutaneous and intravenous treatments and sharing of treatment administration experience.

Hundreds of healthcare professionals attended the series of training workshops, and those who attended the workshops were recognized with a certification of completion and were able to list their services on HAE Taiwan Facebook to allow patients to find HAE-knowledgeable doctors who are near them. This effort has made it more convenient for HAE patients and greatly improved access to HAE knowledgeable doctors, regardless of which part of Taiwan the patients’ homes are.

HAE patients in Taiwan are fortunate to have readily accessible and affordable healthcare, and new and modern drugs and treatments are slowly being introduced, hopefully in the next few years. However, HAE patients are still not very willing to participate in activities, likely due to perceived social stigma and common misconceptions of the condition. For 2024, our hope and goal is for more patients to step out of this sentiment and be more active in HAE Taiwan’s activities.