Global Perspectives #3/2019 out now

2019-10-12T15:06:27+01:00October 11, 2019|HAEi News, Newsletters|

The third 2019 issue of the HAE International magazine Global Perspectives is out now. This time you can among many other things read about: The 2020 HAE Global Conference – “Creating the Path for Better Health” Highlights from the 2019 US HAEA National Patient Summit The 2019 Global HAE youth advocacy workshop in Atlanta: Understand it, plan it and do it Marco [...]

“Global Perspectives” #2/2019 out now

2019-07-08T08:40:09+01:00July 6, 2019|HAEi News, Newsletters|

Dear HAE friends, Welcome to the second 2019 issue of the HAEi magazine Global Perspectives. This time you will, among many other items, find information on: News from the HAEi Regional Patient Advocates Life-saving medication to South African HAE patients Another success on the road to Santiago 11th C1-INH Deficiency & Angioedema Workshop including summaries [...]