From Regional Patient Advocate Fiona Wardman

The countries I look after in the Asia Pacific region have reduced due to HAEi’s newest RPA, Yong Hao Lim, taking them over. Yong Hao now looks after Eastern Asia – the countries included in his region are Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. You can read about the updates in these countries in Yong Hao’s write-up.

HAEi, HAE Bangladesh, and doctors from Hong Kong and India held an educational webinar for doctors in Bangladesh on 16 September to share information on HAE, diagnosis, and treatment options. We hope to locate more patients in Bangladesh through the broader community of doctors.

HAE Korea will soon have HAE TrackR, an emergency card, ED posters, and the Understanding HAE guide translated into Korean. We look forward to Korean patients and families using these great resources.

Due to the unfortunate situation in Afghanistan, HAE patients are struggling with attacks with no medication access and a lack of knowledge of HAE in the country. We are looking at ways to improve the current status.

Congratulations to HAE India, whose committee has successfully registered the organization. This exciting development will open doors to advocacy, running programs, and projects for Indian patients and their families. India now has multiple pharmaceutical companies with HAE therapies in the country, and they are keen to assist patients with a better quality of life.

HAE South Africa had 20 patients and family members attend our recent 2023 HAEi Regional Conference EMEA in Munich. It was wonderful to see the engagement and meet those who attended. There was also an opportunity for the leaders of HAE South Africa to meet with Daniella from Mozambique, who told her personal story during the Saturday session at the conference.

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